Top 10 Mens Watches – Your collection

So you’re looking to buy yourself a new timepiece? Here are a few tips on picking them and a couple of unique watches for men!

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Watch Parts – The Internal Parts of the Watch

Watches have a beautiful exterior which we spoke about in a previous article. They also contain an intricate and beautifully crafted interior consisting of various wheels and gears that are responsible for accurate time keeping, which is especially true of good watches. Below is a short list of the parts that allow a watch to do its job, accurately.

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Top Watches for Men – Types of Watches

In this article we are going to outline just a few categories of watches for men. I am going to focus on the most worn and most popular watches. Don’t forget to check out our reviews and articles for more unique watches for men.

Top Watches for Men – Dress Watch

A dress watch is typically worn for formal or dressy occasions. We are talking black tie, wedding, job interview and so on. Most dress watches will come with bands that are either black or brown and made of fine leather that will match most any suit or clothing combination. They are also very thin and not bulky like sports watches.

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Parts of a Watch – Find Out What Makes Them Tick

Besides their beautiful exterior, watches also have an intricate and carefully engineered inside. In this article I will briefly touch on parts that make up a watch, how they operate and the importance of them. Many of these parts are designed to work together as one, so if anything is off the rest of the watch may not work or it will be inaccurate. Things that are affected include the altimeter, chronograph, alarm, calendar and more. See our mens watch reviews for actual reviews on all brands of watches!

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